Life Beyond is Darewise Entertainment’s Project C multiplayer sci-fi game

Darewise Entertainment’s Project C has a name — it’s Life Beyond, a  online multiplayer sci-fi game for cloud platforms, mobile, console, and PC. It’s in closed alpha testing, and the studio is showing what the first look at what it terms a “community-focused” project, one with a persistent open world.

“Life Beyond what I like to call a ‘multi-genre gameplay experience,” said Darewise lead designer Brad Lansford in the intro video. “The new name reflects our ambition to create an online world that’s much than a game. We’re planting the seeds for a virtual society to live and grow.”

The studio says people will be able to farm, build, form factions, and create material for other players to use on a planet called Corvus; the trailer shows a world with several different environments and tech elements.

Darewise is using Wiseworld, its proprietary tech. It’s a tool that its says helps “generate and rapidly expand large worlds.” It also has another tool it’s created: Orchestrator, which it says “coordinates complex ecosystems and simulation layers within Life Beyond to assure they remain fresh and interesting for players.” It is also using SpatialOS, working with Improbable and its tool for building huge online worlds, along with a modified version of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, to make Life Beyond.

Life Beyond is Darewise Entertainment's Project C multiplayer sci-fi game

“Darewise has a technology partnership with Improbable and wants to use SpatialOS ‘to create persistent game worlds, where player actions have lasting impact and consequences, and worlds have living histories and battle-scars,’” a studio spokesperson said. “I do know the team is proud of its proprietary tech and believes the modern technology is a major reason this game can be made today. [CEO Benjamin Charbit] specifically calls out the tech advancements as a major reason Life Beyond is possible today.”

Based in Paris, Darewise has veterans from several big studios, such as Charbit (a former Assassin’s Creed lead), 2K and Rockstar, Crytek, Ubisoft, and CD Projekt Red. Funding comes from venture capital firms Kima Venture and Serena Capital, along with the French government. Webedia CEO Cedric Sire is an angel investor.

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