Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an Oculus Rift-exclusive VR shooter coming from Respawn Entertainment. It marks the first entry in the long-running World War II shooter series in over seven years.

At a reveal event a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to go hands-on with Medal of Honor VR briefly and took some time to speak with game director Peter Hirschmann. You can read some other excerpts of that interview as well as it relates to authenticity vs realism in game development.

Near the end of the Q&A session at the reveal event for Medal of Honor VR, I asked about a port to Oculus Quest, since that’s the new hotness in the VR world. His answer was interesting:

“This is a title exclusive to Oculus platforms and we’re focusing on Rift, although we love the Quest, we’re focusing on Rift. Quest is awesome.”

Clearly, that isn’t a no, although it isn’t a yes either. If the answer was “no,” I feel like that would have been made clear, so it seems likely that this game will, in some way, make its way to the Oculus Quest at some point — but that’s just me guessing.

All Respawn has been willing to talk about thus far is the single-player campaign and what gameplay is like from a moment-to-moment basis, but we’ve been told there will be multiplayer options as well. In the past the series has always been best known for its cinematic and immersive campaigns, so I’m excited to see how that translates to VR.

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