It’s in your head, and it’s starting a stir below the belt, but that’s the extent of it. Sometimes you share it. Sometimes you act on it when you have sex . But without fail, you will have it. I’m talking about a sexual fantasy. Men love them and they will never give them up. But sometimes, Athens escorts tell us, they’re not quite ready to articulate them. Because they’re conflicted about what turns them on and how they feel about it. Relax. You’re good. It’s all good. Boys will be boys, so don’t sweat it.


1: Sex with Your Co-worker

Guys are hard-wired to have sex with every woman they meet, so you’re simply going to have to either accept it, or become a lesbian. Every time a new pair of boobs goes by him, or some little hottie shakes her booty in front of him, he’s already thought of 10 different ways that he would want to do her. It’s so automatic that he may feel that he doesn’t have any control over it. It’s that primal instinct taking over.

This is why there’s an excellent chance that he’s had the fantasy of having sex with your co-worker. But he’ll never admit to it. It doesn’t mean that he’s going to leave you for your annoying co-worker – it simply means that he probably does fantasize about having his way with her – in every which way.

2: Sex with Your Sister

This may be a bit sick, but because of the hard-wired sexual desire to have sex with every upright walking female human species that is attractive, chances are, he’s had a wet dream or two about your sister. He may have even had a fantasy about having a threesome with your sister. Since you two are probably similar physically, he’s probably very attracted and easily aroused by her.

Sometimes sisters pick up on this and will mess with him and you and purposely want to stir up a bit of controversy. Just be aware that it’s probably there and don’t get too riled up about it – it’s pretty normal.

3: Having a Threesome with Your Best Friend

The good news about this fantasy is that he probably is including you in this one… Probably. Maybe… Don’t shoot the messenger.

But seriously, I’m sure he’s had a fantasy about you and your best friend, doing the dirty deed in a myriad of different ways. He’s fantasized about the two of you sucking him off at the same time, or you handing him a condom just before he does her doggie style. Or you spreading her legs for him to enter her. It’s all there. These are the fantasies he’ll probably never tell you, but they’re there – I about guarantee it.

4: Watching You Have Sex with Someone Else

He may really never want to tell you about this one, but lots of guys have it. It’s both a turn on and scary too because if he’s a bit insecure, he may fear the possibility that you would have a better orgasm or a better time with someone else. So, this fantasy could be his biggest one because it’s his biggest fear too. It’s like he’s a fly and he cannot help but to be attracted to the light of the fire that could zap and kill him.

That’s what makes this fantasy so powerful. It is a total turn on that he will never admit to. He wants to see you taking it doggie style, or riding another guy and watching the expressions on your aroused face. He wants to see the expression on your face as you suck another guy off and allow him to shoot his load deep down your throat or on your face. There is just something oddly powerful and erotic to see you enjoying another guys cock that will drive him crazy for multiple reasons.

5: John / escort

Most guys have this fantasy, but will never admit to it. He wants to see you as an Athens escort in this fantasy, having wild sex with strangers, under his command and control. This is actually a safer fantasy than watching you have sex with someone else because he’s in control – he’s in control of the money and who you have sex with.

And also, escorts aren’t supposed to enjoy the sex, right? So, he doesn’t have to worry so much about you leaving him for another guy because to you, it’s just supposed to be work and not enjoyable. This is a control, power fantasy and involves money so it’s very intriguing to say the least.


6: Domination

Yep. That’s right. Your macho tough guy boyfriend has got a hidden fantasy to be dominated in the bedroom. Secretly, he wants to reverse the roles and let you tie him up, so he can be your sex slave until you’ve exhausted every single sexual fantasy that you have. He wants you to tie him up, pull out your whip, and have your wild way with him any way that you want.

This is a hidden fantasy of his that you may definitely want to try out. Why? Because lots of women get very aroused by it and would love to try it / do it, but their boyfriends are too afraid to give up the control and the power. I know that I have a really hard time submitting. The moment that even one of my hands is tied up, I’m already untying it. I can’t handle it, but if your guy is open to it, you could have a lot of fun with him.

So, do it and beat his bare ass with a paddle or a whip. Put on one of those gag balls and make him obey. He may be open to being your very good little submissive sex slave slut.

7: Voyeurism

This should not come as a surprise because we all like to do it, but don’t want to admit to it. Your boyfriend is a peeping Tom. You know it. You know you like it too. To catch some stranger in the act is exciting to almost anyone – for men and women. The porn industry plays upon this fantasy by its mere presence. All porn is voyeurism – watching others having sex – it’s just that porn is usually recorded and not live.

Your boyfriend would probably confess to this one, because it is rather common, but no guy likes to be called a “Peeping Tom.”Funny how there’s not a corresponding term for a woman “Peeping Tom.” I know, I’ll make one up now. How about a “Peeping Mary?”

The bottom line is that your boyfriend is most probably a closet case Peeping Tom with sexual fantasies of watching other people. My guess is that you too have this one.

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